MAILLEFER (extruder, extrusion line, caterpillars, take-up, pay-off and others)

031-196251Blower Dryer & Drying Section for High Speed Extrusion line
031-196261Blower Dryer & Drying Section for High Speed Extrusion line
042-197381MAILLEFER 2 x Single Cone Pay Offs for 400 mm bobbins
030-197401MAILLEFER 60 mm Extruder, Model BM 60-20D
045-199081MAILLEFER 250 kg Pulling Caterpillar, Model QKR
034-200471MAILLEFER Multipass Cooling Trough
031-200601MAILLEFER Screw Tempering Unit, Model ST-U
045-200621MAILLEFER 250Kg Belt Caterpillar, Model QK
019-201351MAILLEFER SZ Strander With Blocking Caterpillar, Model CSB7
034-201691MAILLEFER Multipass cooling Trough, Model OU500
030-202471MAILLEFER 45mm FEP Line, Model TL45
030-202841MAILLEFER 150 mm 18D Extruder, Model BM150
007-159152MAILLEFER 150 mm 18 D Exstrusion Screw
030-157091MAILLEFER Ligne d'extrusion 30 mm pour fil fin
030-156911MAILLEFER FEP Core Extrusion Line 45 mm extruder
030-183431MAILLEFER 2 x 80 mm Ligne de Bourrage-Gainage à 2 enrouleurs
030-159181MAILLEFER Vertical Piggy Back Extruder 30 mm, Model 30/18D
030-194731MAILLEFER Vertical Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 30-18D
030-191711MAILLEFER Horizontal Extruder, Model BM 30-24D
030-179141MAILLEFER 45 mm Horiz. Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-183021MAILLEFER FEP Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-185611MAILLEFER Horizontal Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-190241MAILLEFER 45 mm Extruder, Model BM 45 20D
030-191741MAILLEFER 80 mm Foaming Extruder, Model BMAT 80-24D
034-192701MAILLEFER Single pass 32 m Cooling Trough, Model OU
034-149251MAILLEFER Bac de refroidissement multipasses, ModèleOu6/Ou12
034-191131MAILLEFER Multipass Cooling Trough For Telephone Wire
033-186441MAILLEFER 90 m Vertical Accumulator, Pulleys 18+19/270 mm
033-172751MAILLEFER 7+8/350 mm Vertical Pneumatic Dancer
033-186451MAILLEFER 75 m Vertical Accumulator, 16+17/400, Model J0
033-155431MAILLEFER 75 m Vertical Accumulator 16+17/400, Model J0
033-191801MAILLEFER Dancer - Accumulator 4 + 3 / 500 mm
031-194241MAILLEFER Screw Tempering Unit, Model SKRUV
041-184531MAILLEFER Autom. Dual Spooler 1250 mm 1000 m/min, Model KAII
042-156881MAILLEFER 600 x 375 mm JG1 Driven Pay-off
042-175991MAILLEFER 1250 mm Driven Pay Off, Model IB 12
045-181822MAILLEFER 250 kg Pulling Caterpillar, Model QK
045-172811MAILLEFER High Speed Wheel Capstan & Dancer, Model OZ
045-147271MAILLEFER 500 mm Low Tension Belt Capstan
045-191692MAILLEFER Dual Wheel Horizontal Capstan, Model SAP
073-181701MAILLEFER Extrusion Line for Loose Tube and Tight Buffer

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